XXXII Queen Sofia Prize for Music Composition

  1. The value of the Prize is €25,000.
  2. The participants should have Spanish nationality or be resident in Spain.
  3. The music composition submitted for the Prize, which is dedicated to symphonic music, must be suitable for an orchestra with a maximum personnel of: Timp+4 Perc.Arp.Pno/Cel., with the option of including soloists, a choir or electroacoustic resources left to the composer’s discretion. There is no restriction on the genre or the length of the composition.
  4. Each composer may only submit one work, with no restrictions for reasons of age.
  5. With the aim of preserving the anonymity of the composer, the score must be submitted with a title and a pseudonym for the composer as the only identifying information. This score should be accompanied by a sealed envelope marked with the title of the composition and the pseudonym. This envelope must contain the composer’s name, surname, address, CV, a photo of high resolution, a contact telephone number and photocopied documentation proving Spanish nationality or residence The envelope must also contain a signed declaration stating that the composition has not been previously performed, neither with the current title nor with any other. Only the names of the winner will be made public. The original score will be kept by the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation until the Prize has been awarded, with the Foundation reserving the right to keep as many copies as it considers necessary.
  6. The score should be suitably bound and perfectly legible. The documents should be handed in with acknowledgement of receipt or sent by registered mail marked ‘32th Queen Sofia Prize for Music Composition’ before December 31st 2014 to the Head Office of the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation, Diagonal, 549 5ª planta, 08029 Barcelona.
  7. In the event that the composition is declared the winner of another Prize - between submission and the Jury’s decision - the candidate will immediately inform the Foundation, as this fact automatically invalidates the composition’s participation in the contest.
  8. The Jury’s decision will be announced before 28th February 2015.
  9. The Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation reserves the non-exclusive right to organize one or several performances of the winning composition, on a non-profit making basis, within six months of making the request to the composer, which should be made within one month of the Prize being awarded. The Foundation will make every effort to ensure that the winning composition gets premiered. The Foundation reserves the right to select the musicians who will perform the winning composition.
  10. The Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation has no financial interest in exploiting the winning composition, and only with the altruistic aim of promoting it does it reserve the right to publish the composition on the online platforms of iTunes and Spotify, linked from its website.
  11. The Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation accepts no responsibility relating to plagiarism or any other transgression of the current legislation regarding intellectual property in Spain which the participating composers and their works may contravene.
  12. Should the work submitted include musical fragments or texts which are not of the composer’s authorship (other than those included in the form of a quotation in accordance with article 32 of the Spanish Law of Intellectual Property - Ley de Propiedad Intelectual), these fragments or texts must appear in writing in the score and materials, together with proof that the corresponding permission has been obtained. In all circumstances, any responsibility will be entirely that of the authors.
  13. The composer will keep the property rights of the composition. Each time the winning composition is performed, the programme must read, after the composition’s title: “Winner of the 32th Queen Sofia Prize for Music Composition awarded by the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation”.
  14. The Jury will be nominated by the Trust of the Foundation, advised by the Foundation’s Music Committee. The Jury may declare the Prize void should the quality of the submitted compositions not be deemed sufficient. The Jury reserves the right to suggest other compositions worthy of consideration for the Prize. The Jury’s decisions will be final.
  15. The winning composition will be performed by the Spanish Radio Television Symphony Orchestra before the end of 2015. During the event, once the piece has been performed, the diploma for the winner of the 32th Queen Sofia Prize for Music Composition will be presented.
  16. he compositions which do not win the award will be returned by post to their composers within two months of the Jury’s decision, if the composer so requests.
  17. Should the Prize be declared void, the Trust may delegate to the Jury the authority to award the Queen Sofia Prize to a composer in recognition of his entire body of work.